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Pain in a patient during treatment is not a one-time problem. Even an incident can leave a trauma in the psyche that may discourage people from visiting the office for years. Let us not mythologize dentophobia, in many cases it is only the result of physical suffering. Fear of visiting a dentist’s office is often conditioned by one of the most important mechanisms controlling human behavior. It consists in associating certain stimuli, i.e. what influences us, with our reaction to this stimulus. If something is unpleasant for us, we will avoid it. This does not only apply to situations related to pain, but also in everyday life.

If we do not like carrots and peas, we will not force it, or if we know the smell of perfume, which we associate badly with, for example, our mother-in-law, then we will not buy them for ourselves. This mechanism works automatically and does not take into account the rational thinking that it is worth doing something for your own good, even though it is not always pleasant. This is precisely what happens in the case of dentophobia, in which there is a fear of visiting the dentist, often exaggerated and inadequate to the risks.

Experiencing such anxiety can take many forms – from mild anxiety to full fear and even panic. Adults who feel anxious at the thought of visiting a dentist’s office most often experienced painful surgery in childhood. We say about such patients that it is the so-called «Generation of school dentists».


How can you overcome fear and have a nice visit to the dentist’s office?

Don’t be afraid to express your fear of the dentist – go ahead and share your fears and fears. At the beginning of the visit, we will discuss the various stages of treatment. Not knowing what is happening to you in the dentist’s chair can be paralyzing.

During treatment, the doctor will keep you informed about individual activities. If you do not want to hear information about details during treatment, please tell us too. Participating in decisions about the treatment process reduces the feeling of uncertainty. Remember about modern anesthetics.

Today anesthesia is much more effective than before, and its administration is much more comfortable for the patient. Thin and flexible needles ensure a minimal feeling of stinging. In our office, we can additionally offer you computer anesthesia with The Wand system. Before treatment, establish a system for signaling interruption of treatment (e.g. by raising your hand). You will feel more confident knowing that you are in control and that you can stop the procedure.



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